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Bank Earnings

Bank Earnings on the currency exchange

Remember, in the 90s there were “money changers” at every corner, offering to exchange currency at a better rate than at the bank. They could be found at banks, near markets, train stations and in crowded places. Those days are long gone, but occasionally they can still be found. They earned decent money. Now banks have almost completely […]

What banks earn

What banks earn and how uses services of a bank

Everyone uses the services of a bank: they receive a salary on a card, take loans, and keep money on deposits. Like any company, banks make money on customers. Let’s see how banks make a profit and what you can learn from them. Suppose you opened a deposit in a bank. You are calm about your finances: they […]


Co-branding programs with brokers and insurers

Through an accredited broker – cheaper. In principle, co-branding programs include joint programs with brokers and insurers. In this case, the clients who came from brokers (most often this relates to mortgages) receive preferences in the form of a reduction in interest rates, or a reduction in bank commission. Sometimes these are specific companies accredited by the […]