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Banks loyalty programs (Free – that is, for nothing)

In addition to discounts and bonuses, banks try to keep customers by offering them absolutely free services. Such as SMS-informing, connection to Internet banking, other services that make working with the bank more convenient, simple and comfortable for the client. Large banks implement loyalty programs aimed at different categories of customers and use, as a rule, all of these marketing moves. Loyalty programs are valid for almost all products and for all customers, including when working with partners. If you bought a product or used the VTB24 service, you can already count on benefits or bonuses. – said Sergey Kulpin, the manager of the Ural branch of VTB24.

banks' loyalty program

For example, if you make a deposit at any VTB24 office, you will receive a free connection and subscription service in the Telebank system for the first 360 days. For depositors, it is possible to open a classic VTB24 gold credit card with a credit limit of up to 150,000 rubles with a deposit amount of more than 400,000 rubles. Bank credit card holders or borrowers receive benefits when connecting to the Telebank system and SMS-informing. A discount program awaits the owners of bank cards: discounts and special offers from a number of companies – partners of the bank. Bank borrowers can count on subsequent pre-approved loans on favorable terms. Through VTB24 housing lending partners, you can get a mortgage at a reduced rate.

Interest rates on loans, a simplified application process

In its work, VTB24 is also focused on certain groups of customers. Today, approximately 40% of borrowers of the VTB24 Ural branch are salary clients. The main advantages of VTB24 for clients of salary projects: the ability to take advantage of package offers of the bank (immediately a set of services), preferential interest rates on loans, a simplified application process, a minimum package of documents (the ability to apply for a loan only with a passport). The requirements for salary clients are more loyal, since all the information about these clients, including the amount of wages, is known to the bank in advance. This simplifies the interaction of the bank with the client, simplifies decision-making on this category of customers. We can track their stability and offer them the necessary conditions at the time of applying for a loan. Discount, premium, privilege, discount – all this is an integral part of building a customer loyalty system. One thing is clear, it is beneficial for the bank that it has many customers, many regular customers, so that work contributes to increased sales and profits, and not otherwise. And the benefits system is a good practical tool to get this. In addition, modern loyalty systems make it possible to implement an individual approach to customers and organize a flexible price system, which, of course, gives additional attractiveness to banks that have realized these opportunities.

Loyalty as a weapon in the fight for the client

In conditions when price competition is behind – almost all proposals have one way or another. Today, the ability to make the client OWN is in the arena. And for this, the client should be convenient, profitable, comfortable with the bank. Most likely, in the near future, in this area – in the field of creating and implementing loyalty programs, the main competition will unfold.

Bank loyalty Programs

Igor Palkin, manager of the SMP Bank branch, Loyalty programs are necessary to retain existing customers and attract new ones, thereby expanding their client base. Old customers understand that the bank is important, and their loyalty increases. New customers can make a choice in favor of this bank, having learned exactly what advantages they will receive from this cooperation in comparison with other banks. Loyalty programs can not only attract and retain a customer, but also offer him other bank services. In fact, it’s convenient and profitable to be served in one bank and receive bonuses for this.